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High head The power turbine Net price
from 40 m to 60 m from 100kW to 180kW from 22 000 Euro
from 60 m to 80 m from 180kW to 250kW from 25 000 Euro
from 80 m to 150 m from 250kW to 400kW from 28 000 Euro
from 150 m to 300 m from 400kW to 700kW from 33 000 Euro
from 300 m to 1000 m from 700kW to 2MW from 40 000 Euro
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All of our Pelton turbines are designed for individual parameters.

Using 3D CAD software and advanced software flow dynamics tailored for each individual turbine height and water flow.
We produce Pelton turbines with horizontal and vertical shaft:
Pelton turbine with horizontal shaft up to 3 nozzles.
Pelton turbine with vertical shaft up to 6 nozzles.
Regardless of the technological solutions we offer a full guarantee of efficiency of the turbines.

The minimum water
consumption for Pelton
turbines is 0,012 m3/s

Each Kaplan turbine is
designed for individual
hydrological conditions.

Deadline for completion
of our Pelton is from 4 to
10 months.

Fig. 1: Pelton turbine working at a head of 205 m, which obtains power of 430 kW.

Fig. 2: Our Pelton turbines sets and full are machined on CNC machines. manufactured using a
component of global brands such as: ABB, SKF, Balluff, Hydac, Cantonigroup, Allen-Bradley, Siemens.

Fig. 3: Nozzle with a spire. All key components are machined on CNC machines.

Fig. 4: Body and turbine nozzles tested in the laboratory.ines.

Pelton turbines with belt drive – at low heads

We have developed a Pelton turbine that successfully compete with Francis turbines

87 % efficiency Pelton turbines with belt drive

The most common type of water turbine to bleed from 15 m to 40 is a Francis turbine. Despite many drawbacks, SHP owners are investing in this technology without having to choose any reasonable altrnatives.
Problems of pollution to the wheel blades, problems with sealing high-speed turbines or frequent defect bearing systems is only part of Francis turbines currently operating.
Our company has developed profiles of the rotor blades, which can work on honeydew from 25meters and be given the efficiency of over 87%

World-class Pelton turbines with belt drive in revolutionary prices.

High head The power turbine Net price
from 25 m to 30 m 80 kW - 90 kW from 35 000 Euro
from 30 m to 40 m 90 kW - 130 kW from 40 500 Euro
from 40m to 60m 130 kW - 180 kW from 48 000 Euro

Price of new Pelton turbines with belt drive
is much lower than the Francis turbines, and the yield may reach up to 1 year.