Guaranteed lowest price on the market of automation systems for Small Hydropower Stations, while maintaining the highest quality.

Basic solution with the possibility of extension for other turbines.

Euro25 000
  • Switchbox + software.

Logical link the work of two turbine, for maximum efficiency.

Euro38 000
  • Switchbox + software.

Even more possibilities and power.Still unlimited expansion of the system.

Euro49 000
  • Switchbox + software.

The functions of the control system

  • Complete control cabinet 

  • Power measurement of turbines
  • Automatic on / off turbines 

  • Measurement of bearing temperature 

  • The measurement of the opening angle of handlebar rotor / nozzle 

  • Security under / over frequency and under / over voltage 

  • Measurement of the speed of the turbine shaft 

  • Sensors of phase disappearance 

  • Measurement of impurity of grates.

Comparison of electricity production in SHP.

Without automation system 75%
With full HydroEnergy automation 100%

Increase the efficiency of the turbines and production of electricity.

Software developed in order to increase the efficiency of the turbines and produce
electricity. Even in the old turbines, you will achieve greater efficiency through the proper
setting of the wheeling blades to the rotor blades. You will know the degree of guide
wheels’ soiling.

Clarity and ease of use

Hydro Energy System 98
SCADA Systems 50

Data refresh rate:

0.8 sek

Automation + software for smartphone

They work seamlessly together. The software and control system is a unity and at every level: from the beautiful interface, and a completely innovative features that fully exploit the potential of advanced technologies in small hydro.

Replace the weather station, with what for you is the most important. 

A revolutionary solution, it is a good start to the SHP control.
Weather conditions given in the box with your Hydro Energy system.
Whatever you do, you can be online with your power plant.
Clean and transparent system, can be displayed on your smartphone as a weather station.

Control your SHP wherever you are.

We came to the conclusion that for the latest technologies come for good in all Small Hydroelectric Power Stations, must be simple, yet very powerful, friendly to all, and definitely cheaper than current SCADA systems.