The company HydroEnergy Michael Twardziszewski, benefits from many years of family experience in the field of Small Hydropower.

We produce Kaplan turbines and Pelton turbine with parameters on a global level.

We approach each project individually and with a focus on maximum efficiency.

We produce vertical, horizontal and oblique Kaplan turbine.

Modern oblique Kaplan turbine is an ideal solution for low and medium-low heads where the vertical turbine assembly is difficult to correct positioning of the suction pipe.

We are the only manufacturer Pelton turbines in Poland.

Innovative solutions Pelton turbines using up to six nozzles.

We use technology very well suited for low heads up to 250 m.

Currently, our Pelton turbines are operational on a head of 205 meters.

Most turbine components are made of stainless steel and cast steel grades alloyed corrosion resistant.

HydroEnergy system designed by our company is a revolutionary solution to exercise full remote control over the MEW. It is the only such solution in the small hydropower plants in Poland. HydroEnergy innovative system designed for tablets, smartphon’y as well as PC and Mac lets in a friendly and brilliantly simple to control the manufacturing process of electricity.

To create our products approached with passion and commitment.