The company HydroEnergy designed and made the control cabinet for SHP Miedzianka.

Within the project, the company has supplied control cabinet managing the work of the two turbines and the power unit.

Delivered control system regulates the Kaplan turbines with an output of 160 kW and Semi-Kaplan and power of 40 kW.

The equipment also included sensors and transducers supervising the correct operation of turbines.

Pressure transducers upstream and downstream of the inlet grille, provide information on the water and at the same time indicate the pollution status bars.

The power plant is equipped with a cleaner grille, which performs its task of identifying suitable probes after water levels in front of and behind bars.

For the correct angle of the rotor blades and vanes correspond to linear potentiometers.

Proper reactive power compensation corresponds automatic reactive power controller LOVATO Electric.

Full remote control of the power plant provides system HydroEnergy available on tablets, smartphon’y and PCs. Full description of the system at

It is worth noting that HydroEnergy System is an innovative work management SHP, which was created from scratch by our company.