Kaplana turbines tailored to your MEW needs

HYDRO Energy S.C. Offers different versions of the Kaplan turbine: i.e. spiral, bevel, axial, vertical, horizontal, S-type, in open and tubular chambers.  Depending on the needs, the Kaplany of our production are equipped with three, four or five blades, which we model on precision CNC machines. Our Kaplana turbines produce up to 5 MW of power.

The turbines produced by us are designed individually for the needs of the location of the MEW. The turbine rotor is modeled and tested in a water flow analysis program.

The priority for our turbines is to achieve the highest efficiency in the flow function of the medium. currently, the most widely used method for obtaining the most efficient water turbines in the world is computer Research. In the implementation of each project we use computer testing and testing which guarantees us the best parameters for our turbines. Thanks to computer-aided fluid mechanics analysis, our Kaplan turbines gain more than 90% efficiency.

We produce rotor blades and stainless steel steering blades, and at large turbine diameters, i.e. Above fi 1200 mm, the steering blades are cast from spheroidal cast iron.

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Types of Kaplana turbine from HYDRO Energy S.C. Offer

  • Propeller Kaplan turbines for installation in open chambers: 

Impeller diameter from fi 400mm to fi 2000 mm


  • Vertical, horizontal and obliterous propeller turbines:

           Impeller diameter from fi 360 mm to fi 1500 mm


  • Spiral Chamber propeller Turbines:

            Rotor diameter from fi 360 mm to fi 2000 mm


  • Siphon and propeller-less turbine turbines

            From fi 360 mm to fi 1500 mm-rotor diameter


Kaplan-tubular Turbine-bevel with belt gearbox

Kaplan turbine with belt gearbox in the open chamber.

Tubular Kaplan-bevel turbine with GEARBOX-HYDRO Energy S.C.   Kaplan Turbine with GEARBOX-HYDRO Energy S.C.

Elbow-bevel Turbine

Tubular Kaplan-bevel TURBINE-HYDRO Energy S.C.  

All types of caplanes and propeller turbines

  Kaplan TURBINES-HYDRO Energy S.C. Kaplan TURBINE 2-HYDRO Energy S.C. Kaplan TURBINE 3-HYDRO Energy S.C. Kaplan TURBINE 4-HYDRO Energy S.C. Kaplan Turbine Kaplan Turbine   In Hydro Energy S. c We also design and build Pelton and Francis turbines.

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