Francis Turbine 

HYDRO Energy S.C. It offers different versions of water turbines depending on the needs of a small hydro power plant. In our offer you will also find Francis turbines designed and constructed for the small hydro power plant.    Hydro Energy-logo The operation of Francis ' turbine is that the water from the upper reservoir influences the entire circumference of the steering vanes and then accelerates and then feeds the working rotor. After flowing through the channels between the nozzle-shaped blades, water at high speed leaves the impeller. After leaving the rotor enters the suction pipe. This process is accompanied by a hydrodynamiczna reaction which introduces the impeller in the direction opposite to the water outlet.   Francis 2 turbine This type of turbine is mainly used for propulsion of power generators in water plants with a correspondingly high water drop. Every Francisa turbine is designed specifically for the place where it will be installed, allowing it to achieve optimum efficiency, generally above 90%.     The characteristic feature of the turbine is Francis ' high cost of production and installation but in return this turbine retains efficiency for decades.    Francis Turbine If you are a designer or owner of a MEW and you are considering using Francis turbines on your object, you are welcome to consult the HYDRO Energy S.C. Together we will pick the optimal turbine variant for your seagulls. For years we have been designing and constructing water turbines. For this time, we have gained considerable experience in the topic of turbines and MEW.        

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