Pelton turbines with belt gearbox

  HYDRO Energy S.C. From Jelenia Gora We are proud to announce that we are the only Pelton turbine manufacturer in Poland. Turbines produced by Hydro Energy S.C. They are designed by a team of our constructors and made at the plant in Jelenia Góra. When designing the latest variant of the Pelton turbine, we have introduced innovative solutions using up to six Nozzles. The solutions used by us are very good at falling to 250m. The next generation of our turbines work flawlessly on the slope 205 Meters.

Most of the components of our turbines are made of stainless steel. Other components are cast from corrosion resistant alloy staliws. 

Turbines made in our plant successfully compete with Francis Turbines.

We always care about the highest quality of our turbines and other Products. We strive to ensure that the turbines are made only from the best material. 

Interested in detailed information about turbine parameters, please contact HYDRO Energy S.C. Project Office Hydro Energy-logo   HYDRO Energy S.C. -small Hydro Power Plants Turbine Pelton 1-HYDRO Energy S.C. Turbine Pelton 2-HYDRO Energy S.C. Turbine Pelton 3-HYDRO Energy S.C.

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